Council 1429 would like to thank all those who helped make this event yet another success. To all those who supported the seminarians by buying tickets, and had a great time with family, kids and friends, we do hope you come out again. We were encouraged to see that the costume competition, games, music and dancing were enjoyed by all. Thank you to Fr Savel, Fr Bedard, Fr Eboh and the seminarians who made the evening special by their presence. Thanks to our team of volunteer brother knights, their wives and families for their support and for keeping everything running smoothly. A special thanks to our District Deputy, John Ramsey and Fraternal Advisor, Dan Gimpel whose continued help and support is very much appreciated. Besides lively music by DJ Greg Jones, we were very blessed to be entertained with a magnificent violin performance by an award-winning daughter of one of our brother Knights. We are pleased to be able to support the studies of two seminarians through this event and we look forward to your continued support at future events and endeavors.

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