Souperbowl at St. Joe’s – Feb 03, 2019

Over $600 was raised at the Souperbowl Soup-off luncheon this year at St Joseph’s church hall in Sarnia. A joint effort with the CWL of St. Joe’s and the Knights of St. Ben’s, the hall was packed with over 100 people. It was a very joyful affair, thanks to the huge effort by Eric Madej, deputy Grand Knight of Council 1429 and his band of supportive knights. Also instrumental was the assistance of District Deputy John Ramsey and the CWL president Laura Hardy. The funds raised will go toward the restoration of the church grounds and the building of the KofC bell pagoda.

Not too many were surprised that Deacon Lyle won the award for the best soup [Pea Soup] again, but this time, close on his heels, was the arguably equally good next best, the “Curried Lentil Vegan Soup prepared by Melanie Marhue.

Also being raffled off was a framed limited edition Thomas Kincaid print “Sea of Tranquility”.

Gracing the occasion was Fr Peter Keller who was almost early enough to say grace and Fr Steve Savel who was presented with a token of appreciation by Council 1429 Grand Knight Norman Monteiro.

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