Knight of Columbus Leave no Neighbor Behind – Masks for Charity

COVID-19 has closed businesses, put our union workers out of jobs, and given families hard choices to make; Work with a pre-existing condition and feed my family or stay home and social distance. Unfortunately, this has significantly limited our traditional fundraising methods. Last year we raised over $2200 for Sarnia’s food banks. This year because of physical distancing, we cannot fundraise the same way.

We need your help. Let’s help Sarnia, our home, where our social programs are lacking, by donating to the people who need it the most. Proceeds from every mask sale will benefit food banks or our Coats for Kids Program in the City of Sarnia, where the greatest need exists. You can decide how you help.

Let’s help our neighbours today and leave no neighbour behind.

High-Quality disposable latex-free three-layer surgical style face mask with a noseband. These masks pass the “candle test” and holds water.

We accept all major credit cards, debit, chip, tap, interact,  or E-transfers. No cash.

Reduced price 25 pack for $25

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