February 2019


Attendance was about 20 members.


New member Gary Prokopowic was introduced – originally from Thunder Bay and a parishioner at St George Ukrainian Catholic church.
Council voted to accept another new member – Albert Araza as well as a re-admission member John Nowak.
Mario Moscone and Mario Aquilina are to be transferred to Council.


The State Convention is to be held on April 27/28 at Niagara Falls. Council voted to support the resolution that will allow 2 votes per delegate when only one can attend the convention.
Council voted to send the Grand Knight and the Chaplain to the Convention and if the Chaplain could not attend, then an alternate could go.


Account Balance is $2,900 after bills.

Bills presented and voted on:

$115.12 for Basketball Freethrow costs;
$977.94 Ontario State Dues;
$120 for KCIC Poster Contest winners;
$60 Website;
Wine Glasses for Spring Dinner Dance – $99.56;
$18.60 mailing costs of KCIC posters

Round Table:

Reports were received from knights belonging to the 4 parishes – St George, St Joseph’s, OLM, Sacred Heart
Jorge Vinas volunteered to be the contact person for OLM church.

Charity Committee: 

Moved that $100 be donated to Our Lady of the Pillar Academy.


Bikeathon: Tax receipts for Bike Ride pledge donors have been issued.
SouperbowlGreat job by Eric Madej; Profit $659, about $100 more than last year. CWL helped with drinks, dessert and cleanup. Joint effort with knights of St Ben’s.
Jim Lathem award:  Council voted to offer St Pat’s high school 2 options. 1) Defer the award for 1 year and keep the money, or 2) Give award to any student athlete who best represents catholic values.
St Pat’s High School – A Knight’s Break – Pancake Tuesday
This year, Pancake Tuesday [A Knight’s Break] is on Mar 05 and 6 to 8 volunteers are needed at St Pat’s.
Sacred Heart Pancake Tuesday.  Tony Scarpelli is leading this event on behalf of the Sacred Heart Vocations Ministry. Money raised will help fund the vocations group’s activities.
Spring Dinner Dance:  Apr 27
starts at 6:30. Tickets will be printed soon. $45 before April 13 and $50 after. Great menu, DJ, Photo booth, etc.
Merchandise Sales
Approx. $1,000 profit from Nativity Scene sales; About $200 profit from Christmas Cards sales.
Council voted to spend $500 to buy more Christmas Cards now, for 2019 sales, since there was a promotion until Feb 15.
Website Norman is the administrator and he reported that the site has been getting views from several countries around the world.

Unfinished Business

  • March recruitment drive is being planned
  • March For Life bus trip to Ottawa is being talked about, hopefully to involve other councils and Deacon Stoesser

The social hour that followed was attended by almost all the knights and a good time was had by all. Thanks to Dave Pirt once again for taking care of the food and drink.

Minutes recorded by Jim Leliveld and Dave Pirt.